To travel is to change your life.


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To travel is tochange your life.

Journeys expand one’s sensibilities.New discoveries bring new knowledge,and new knowledge brings new ideas.

XPERISUS believes that expanding one’s sensibilitiesinvites abundance into one’s life.

A single trip or experience becomes a crossroads in your life,changing who you were and who you will become.

Japan’s intrinsic values and essential richness- experience them on our journeys.

Journeys expand one’s sensibilities.New discoveries bring new knowledge,and new knowledge brings new ideas.

XPERISUS believes thatexpanding one’s sensibilitiesinvites abundance into one’s life.

A single trip or experience becomes acrossroads in your life.changing who you were and whoyou will become.

Japan’s intrinsic values andessential richness - experiencethem on our journeys.


XPERISUS has produced numerous unique journeys and
experiences, tailored to each of our customers.


In cooperation withthe foremost tourism resources,we deliver exclusivefive-star experiences.


We customize each travel experienceto meet the unique goals and needsof every individual customer.


XPERISUS travel packages—The more you use them,the more personalized they become.


On this page, we will present you with some examples of the types of exclusive
and unique travel itineraries that you can expect from XPERISUS.

Savor the true essence of Japanese food with all five senses


Traditional Japanese cuisine has been recognized by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage. Customers who book this gourmet edutainment (education x entertainment) tour will take a deep dive into its history by tasting and learning about the court cuisine (yusoku ryori) of Imperial Kyoto. At a historic ryotei restaurant founded in 1722, they can enjoy sake from a venerable sake brewery that has remained in business for several hundred years in the Fushimi district of Kyoto, one of the three premier sake brewing areas in Japan.

Transcending this world by immersing yourself in Japan’s largest holy city and its Buddhist culture


Founded over 1,200 years ago by the monk Kukai—a titan in Japanese religious and cultural history—the holy city Koyasan has been a mainstay of Japanese history ever since. Buddhist teachings are deeply rooted in the daily lives of the people, and even now, many monks continue to live in its many temples. Located high up in the mountains of Wakayama, it is also known as one of the few examples of a “city of the heavens” in Japan.
More than any other place in Japan, this city and its rich heritage of Buddhist teachings, culture, tradition, and cultural assets will show you the importance of calming the mind and maintaining empty spaces (yohaku) in your life.

Accounting for taste with customized art tours


“Different strokes for different folks,” as they say, and in this spirit, we offer art tours led by specialists and customized to people’s tastes, collaborating with Warehouse TERRADA. Customers can enjoy art from whatever angles or perspectives that interest them, whether art x education, art x museum curation, art x purchasing, art x cafes, or art x lodging. We use participants’ personal areas of interest as a jumping off point to delve deeper into the world of art. Those who are interested in art but have not had much contact with the Japanese art scene will also be given the opportunity to gain a deep knowledge of Japanese esthetics.

Experiencing ancient Japanese values, preserved since time immemorial


Developed in collaboration with Toyota Motor Corporation, this environmentally friendly program is full of surprises. Tour Yakushima Island, the first Japanese island to be designated a Natural World Heritage Site, in a LEXUS RZ450e electric vehicle with your personal butler at your side. In cooperation with Sankara Hotel, a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World community, we offer a number of special experiences from the perspectives of “food,” “experience,” “stay,” and “drive,” exclusively made available with this itinerary. From full-on trekking to activities in the beautiful ocean, scenic drives and meals, we offer a wide range of activities to suit your preferences.

The night you wander into another world


In collaboration with the entertainment company Shochiku Co., Ltd., we developed “Ghost Night Tour in Golden St.,” a haunted bar-hopping and theater experience set in the famous Golden St (Golden Gai), a cluster of bars and pubs in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho entertainment district. Participants will feel as if they have stepped into a movie or play as they enjoy a new type of immersive theater and interact with the characters of a story. Although the bars of Golden Gai are usually closed to first-time visitors, those who join this bar hop will be able to tour around several establishments, experiencing the depth of the Japanese nightlife and touching on the fringes of that one literary element of Japan after sundown, ghosts.


XPERISUS provides a variety of services to both individual customers and corporate clients
—who may have many customers of their own—through its membership-based travel
and experience package website, as well as its travel concierge office.

Hand-selecting from a wide variety of unique plans and itineraries,
we offer the optimal plans to meet the needs and address the challenges of travel agencies.
Improve the level of your customer satisfaction with us.

For corporate clients

We offer special packages unavailable to the public to travel agencies
around the world, tailoring our offers to suit the travel agency’s
characteristics, client demographics, and preferences.

Steps for business partners

  • 01
  • 02
    Plan proposal
  • 03
  • 04
  • 05
    Continuous improvement
  • STEP01

    Your partnership with
    XPERISUS starts here.

    Use this contact form to get in touch with us.
    Registrants will undergo a mandatory screening process.

    • *Following the completion of the screening process, you will be
      asked to agree to our terms and conditions.
  • STEP02

    We propose a unique plan tailored
    to your customers.

    After signing a contract, we will do a hearing to learn about your clientele and their travel tendencies so that we can pick out the most suitable plans or itineraries from an abundant variety of unique plans. The information will be made available to you on a dedicated website.

  • STEP03

    We prepare a dedicated website
    for each business partner to present the plans we offer.

    Travel agency representatives outside Japan can visit the dedicated website at any time to register for the travel or experience itineraries that XPERISUS has selected. We will customize the plan to meet each customer’s wishes and handle everything from proposing the most suitable plan to the settlement of payment.

  • STEP04

    Full support from the beginning
    to the end of the journey

    On behalf of the travel agencies outside Japan, we provide full support to customers, handling everything before the journey, to dealing with unexpected issues during the customer’s trip, as well as post-travel follow-up.

  • STEP05

    We practice continuous improvement (kaizen) and provide marketing data
    such as user feedback following the travel experience.

    We regularly report to our business partner on the results of post-participation customer satisfaction surveys. In order to better meet the needs of business partner, we will also use the marketing data we have collected to improve and/or replace our plans and itineraries.

Voices of customers

  • Case 01

    Customer from India

    The customer rented out a World Heritage Site temple and shrine at night after visiting hours to celebrate a special birthday party with just their family of four. The chief priest took them on a private tour, after which they had a traditional Japanese kaiseki dinner.

  • Case 02

    Customer from Denmark

    Although the customer was unfortunately caught in heavy rains, they fully enjoyed the program, going on a special guided tour of Koyasan, having a Michelin plate lunch, and staying overnight at a temple lodge. They gave feedback saying they were very happy with their experience.

  • Case 03

    Customer from America

    A married couple that runs a winery chose a program in which they would experience the nature of Yakushima with all five senses. We created a customized, one-of-a-kind plan to suit their preferences, and they enjoyed trekking through the World Natural Heritage Site Yakushima, going on a drive through stunning scenery, and having a delicious meal.

  • Case 04

    Customer from America

    The customers—a parent and child—got to fully experience and enjoy the world of Edomae Sushi, from accompanying a VIP sushi chef to source the ingredients outside Tsukiji Fish Market to renting out the entire restaurant for a private Edomae Sushi meal for two, prepared for them by a first-rate sushi chef.

  • Case 05

    Customer from America

    A large family spent three weeks traveling together to experience the history, customs, culture, and cuisine of various regions and time periods in Japan. This Japan trip had been No. 1 on the family’s bucket list for some time, and they were very happy with their once-in-a-lifetime experience, saying they left with many wonderful memories.


XPERISUS became a member of
Serandipians DMC Partners.
This is a network of luxury travel designers
dedicated to crafting unique and
exclusive journeys for travelers seeking
original experiences.
Being a member of this consortium, we look
forward to
continuously creating the best
travel experiences together with
Serandipians' member agents.

Feel free to contact us from here.
We will
select and offer a plan that meets the
needs of your clients.



About us

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XPERISUS Inc. *Derived from the words "experience"
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